Is Kenya Worth Visiting? Here are 10 Reasons Why (with Pictures) | East Africa Travel Tips (2023)

Kenya is a really beautiful place. The sheer variety of options makes it the perfect place to visit for both an African Safari and spending time on the beach. However, there are a number of destinations in the region that are similar to Kenya and you may be wondering, is Kenya worth visiting?

Kenya offers a unique mix of varied tourist attractions and quality service by the tour operators that make it the most worth-it place to go for an African Safari and spending time at the beach. In this article, I will outline why it is worth it to travel to Kenya and the different scenarios that may make Kenya either more or less worth traveling to.

Is Kenya worth visiting if you have traveled to Tanzania?

Tanzania has many of the same tourist attractions as Kenya and can be a good alternative to Kenya. They have savanna grasslands teeming with all the animals that Kenya has and you might not be able to tell the difference between between them if you were dropped in any one of their savannas.

Tanzania also had similar beaches to Kenya and a large number of tourist choose to do their Safari in Kenya and then fly to the Tanzanian Island of Zanzibar for their time on the beach. This similarly makes both coastlines rivals in trying to attract tourists to visit them.

So is Kenya worth visiting if you are doing your Safari entirely in Tanzania? I would argue that Kenya is not worth visiting if you are going to be spending your entire visit in Tanzania and would just like to visit in Kenya for a day or two as you go back home. Considering the amount of time and money you will use traveling from Tanzania to Kenya, you will end up seeing the same kinds of animals, and visiting similar beach fronts. In my opinion, the journey is not worth it.

If I had some extra money to spend when in Tanzania, I would add a few more days to my Serengeti safari or spend a few more days in Zanzibar instead of coming over to Kenya.

Is Kenya worth visiting if you have traveled to South Africa?

I have personally not been on a South African Safari and would not be in the best place to talk about your experience there. However, from what I have read on the internet as I was doing research for this article, a South African Safari has a number of similarities that make traveling to Kenya subsequently not worth it. You will see the same kind of animals and experience similar service standards in both countries.

I found the following video by Danica Christin comparing Kenya and South Africa Safaris.

20 Reasons Why You Absolutely Must Visit Kenya

1. The Masai Mara

Being the most popular national park in Kenya, The Masai Mara is the number one reason why Kenya is worth visiting. The park is teeming with all kinds of wild animals and the landscape is absolutely stunning. On top of this, if you come between the months of June and September, you might get the chance to witness the great wildebeest migration and the crossing at the Mara River.

2. The Wildlife

Kenya has a lot of variety when it comes to wildlife. You will experience up-close views of all Africa’s famous animals in any of the 54 National Parks in Kenya. This variety is coupled with greater numbers of animals than many of the other national parks in Africa. This means that even though the animals you would like to see are rare, you will still get to see them if you come to Kenya.

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3. The White Sandy Beaches

From the northern coastal island of Lamu to Ukunda on the south coast, Kenya offers some of the most beautiful beaches in the region. The beaches are warm all year round and whatever time of year you plan to come to your Kenyan safari, you will want to visit the coast for a few days before you go back home because of its sheer beauty.

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4. The Maasai people

Being one of the few Kenyan indigenous people who still live as they did hundreds of years ago, experiencing the culture of the Maasai remains one of the main reasons why many tourists choose Kenya for their African Safari.

Is Kenya Worth Visiting? Here are 10 Reasons Why (with Pictures) | East Africa Travel Tips (4)

With their bright red clothing and exhilarating traditional dancing, the Maasai People make Kenya really worth traveling to.

You will get an opportunity to see how the Maasai People live if you go to the Masai Mara but as a word of caution, there are a number of complaints in forums I found when preparing for the “How Many Days Should I Spend At The Mara” Post. The complaint was about the Maasai Village in the Mara not being a great experience for some travelers. You can check out the post for details.

5. The Landscapes

The views both on the National Parks and on your drive to them will be breathtaking. From the highlands of the central region to the Great Rift Valley, you will get a chance to experience views that will remain in your memory for a long time. I personally enjoyed the view of the Rift Valley from the escarpment on my way to the parks like the Mara. I travel to the Rift valley occasionally and I always like making a stop at any of the viewpoints to take photos. One of the other landscapes I cant get enough of are the tea plantations of Limuru and Kericho. Set on lush rolling hills, these plantations look like a beautifuly manicured lawn that goes on for miles and miles. Here is aphoto of the Kericho Tea Plantations

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6. The Matatus

A safari to Kenya will not be complete without experiencing the beautiful and crazy public transport system known as “Matatus”. The matatus in Nairobi (the capital) are beautifully decorated in artistic graffiti. When You arrive in Kenya, look keep a look out for the matatus, especially in the Central Business District and enjoy the beautiful masterpieces on wheels.

Is Kenya Worth Visiting? Here are 10 Reasons Why (with Pictures) | East Africa Travel Tips (6)

7. Art and Culture

As the hub of east Africa, Kenya is home to a well developed culture scene and nightlife. Nairobi also plays host to a number of gallery exhibits and art shows exhibiting some of Africa’s most talented artists.

8. The well developed tourism industry

Compared with our neighbors, Kenya’s tourism industry is really well developed. Kenya has invested heavily in the infrastructure required to provide a certain level of comfort to tourists and the security personnel are strategically assigned within the different tourist attractions to ensure the safety of all the guests that visit them.

In addition to this, the tour operators are organised into an association that helps keep service standards above a certain level.

9. Variety of activities

Kenya offers a varied selection of tourist attractions and activities that cater to the needs of the different kinds of travelers to the region. From luxury tours in any of our national parks tour guided deep sea fishing in the Indian Ocean, there there are all kinds of activities you can do in Kenya depending on your needs and budget.

10. Options for tourists at different budgets

As alluded to in a previous point, Kenya offers a wide variety of options at different price points. Whether you are looking for luxury safari or are backpacking through Africa, you will find a package that accommodates your unique needs and budget.

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