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Spider-Man: Spectacular Season 01 Episode 08

Spider-Man was swinging through the city and had found some guys robbing a pawn shop so he'd swung after them in their getaway car. He'd landed on the hood and looked down at them saying "I feel like we've done this before." noticing it was the same goons from the last time he'd done that. They'd crashed into one of the fire hydrants and thrown them off of the car this go around and he'd started to get up but the pain in his sides began to happen again.

"Well, looks like Spider-Man forgot to take his shots." One of the thugs spoke as they'd gotten out of the car and began to point their guns at him.

"Now way I'm being taken out by street Punks." Spider-Man called firing webbing at the thugs and webbing them up before jumping and pulling them up into the air over a street light wrapping his webs around themselves so that the thugs would just hang there as he did so.

"There's only one place that can possibly help with this searing pain." The wallcrawler says while swinging off to go to wherever it was he'd believed could help him.

While he was swinging across the city everything fades off to the laboratory of Dr. Curt Connors as the good doctor was explaining something to Harry who'd been brought on after the others vouching for him to be Peter's replacement. "So you see, Spider-Man is a hero and thanks to him I was saved from the Lizard along with many other people."

"Spider-Man's always trying to do the right thing, I'm sure of that." Eddie then stated adding onto the conversation.

"I just wish that there was some way that we could repay him for all his help." Martha spoke back about how she'd wanted to find a way to help him as he had helped them.

"You might get the chance sooner than you think." Spider-Man called from the window of the skylight.

"Spider-Man, What brings you back here again?" Curt questioned as the wall crawler had began to climb his way into the building on the ceiling.

"I need a..agh, ut, AH!" He'd began to say before then grunting in pain and grabbing at his sides which had forced them to drop down from the roof and crash into a table while he was holding his sides.

"Spider-Man!?" The group had called running over to see if he was okay as the spider themed hero had been clutching at his sides in pain and trying to get it to stop.

"Eddie, help me get him onto the table, Harry, clear everything off." Curt called and they'd nodded with Harry pushing everything to the end of one of the tables to give them plenty of room to lay Spider-Man on top of it as Eddie helped to move him.

They'd started to try to find out what was going on as Spider-Man had began to slowly calm down with the pain managing to subside once more. "Agh.. my, sides."

"You with us Spider-Man?" Eddie questioned trying to make sure that he was okay after that fall from the high ceiling through a table.

"Ya, ya I'm here." Spider-Man responded back to them while slowly trying to sit up to talk to them about it.

"Easy there. That was a nasty fall, just lay back down and tell us what happened." Martha spoke putting her hand on his shoulder and the web slinger nodded laying back down.

"It started a few days ago. At first it was just my sides hurting and being bruised. I thought it was just because of when I battled Rhino but it'd gotten worse from there. Soon these little bumps appeared and the pain's gotten worse. Last time was the worst of it." he'd explained while laying back down at Martha's recommendation.

"Take off your shirt and show us." Eddie spoke telling him to let them see. Nodding he'd lifted his shirt up and off as we see that the bruising had gotten much worse and the small bumps were now large knots on the sides of his torso and Gwen had put her hand over her mouth while looking freaked out by what she was seeing.

"I came to ask about the gene cleanser." The wallcrawler spoke wanting to know if it could help him in some way.

"That's a no go. It was created from my mutating genes to isolate my human genetics and kick out the lizard DNA, there's no telling how it could react to the Spider-Genetics." Curt spoke walking over with a needle before then adding "I need to take a sample so we can work on it."

Spider-Man nodded in agreement to letting him take the sample and while they were doing so says "Doctor Connors since I might not get a second chance to do so, I want to apologize to you."

"What do you have to apologize for?" Martha questioned not understanding why he was choosing to say that now.

"The photos, the ones under B. R., I'm the one that's been taking them." This had surprised them to hear that Spider-Man was the one taking photos of Spider-Man.

"What? Why would you do something like that?" Eddie questioned demanding an explanation for that one.

"Because I needed the money. The bills had been piling up and started to cause stress on my aunt that I live with, and she's the closets thing to a mom I have. I did it to help her." He'd explained to the group about why he had done what he did. "I made absolutely sure that there was nothing that would put Doctor Connors in the light with any sort of connection to the lizard."

"And that makes it okay?" Martha questioned hearing this starting to become upset but Curt put his hand on her shoulder to help calm her down.

"No, it doesn't. I'm not asking for forgiveness, nor do I deserve it. I'm just hoping that you'll understand." Spider-Man answered back about what was said and done.

"I forgive you Spider-Man." Curt spoke and they'd continued to work on the previous serum while checking the sample from Spider-Man's blood that they'd taken.

We fade to sometime later while they were all working to find out what's going on and Gwen asks "Any luck Eddie?" as he was at the microscope machine looking through the sample.

"Unlike the Lizard DNA there's only one for the Spider Genetics. we should be able to create a makeshift cure for them that'll leave his powers in tact." Eddie spoke saying that it's possible they could make sure that he kept his powers. "But we'll need to isolate what spider it is first."

"The spider was one from this lab." Spider-Man stated to them making the others stop to look at him. "Last year during the field trip I was bitten by a spider here that gave me the spider powers."

"The only person bit during the field trip was.." Eddie spoke and began to put two and two together about what happened and the wallcrawler then nodded in response.

"Wait.." Harry spoke and started to put it together too and then looked surprised calling out "PETER!?" He'd shouted which made everyone stop to look at him now too.

Spider-Man took a deep breath and sighed saying "Thanks a lot Harry." pulling off his mask revealing to the others that yes, it was Peter Parker under the mask.

"Why didn't you tell us bro?" Eddie questioned wanting to know how come they were all kept in the dark until now.

"Uncle Ben died because of my mistake, I was afraid to let you guys know what happened because I didn't want anything happening to you. Guess there's no choice now since I'm turning into a monster." Peter answered truthfully about why he didn't say anything. "Uncle Ben's death left us without much money and that's why I started taking photos, because I don't want Aunt May having to do it alone or losing our home."

Gwen had seemed to be in shock that Spider-Man was Peter and stood there in surprise. "Gwen, are you alright?" Martha spoke putting her hand on Gwen's shoulder though the young blonde had passed out dropping onto the floor.

"GWEN!" Peter called getting up from the table he was on wanting to check on her, though she was okay, just unconscious. He'd moved Gwen onto the couch in the office and we see a small red mark on one of her hand just at the base of the back of her hand slightly above her wrist and went back to the others. "She'll be okay."

"Peter, which spider here was the one that bit you?" Curt then called him over to check out the spiders.

Walking over and looking through it he says "None of these are the one that bit me. It was sorta bluish in color."

"Great, it got loose again, look around the place and try to find it but be careful not to get bit." Martha called and they'd all started to look around for the spider with Peter checking around the ceiling.

"Got it." Harry called scooping it up with a vile and a twist cap to avoid being bit.

"Great, now we can start on trying to isolate the mutation and knock it down enough to stop you from continuing to mutate while keeping your powers." Eddie stated to them.

"I hope so bro." Peter spoke still worried about what might happen. "Harry, Eddie, if something does happen I want to ask you guys to help look after Aunt May. After what happened with Uncle Ben and now what's happening with me.."

"Nothing is going to happen Pete." Harry spoke in response saying that they'd find a way to help and not to worry about that.

"I,GHT, Uaah." He'd started to say but the his sides had started to hurt again getting worse and he'd let out painfilled grunts as he'd tried to make it stop.

"Get him a sedative stat." Connors spoke telling them to get something to help with the pain however Peter had refused.

"No, no sedaTIVE. JUh just focus on the cure for the mutation." Spider-Man then told them saying not to give him sedatives.

They'd heard sirens going off in the distance and Peter had forced himself up struggling to get his costume back on with Harry calling "You can't go out there Peter."

However Peter didn't care and says "I have to Harry, what happened to Uncle Ben won't happen to anyone else so long as I can do anything to stop it." Before putting on his shirt and swinging off out the rooftop window.

Spider-Man had left through the skylight and chased after the criminals that had been riding a motorcycle and shooting at the cops. He'd made a web between two of the light fixtures which the thug had gotten tangled in along with their motorcycle. Spidey had then swung away and towards another rooftop where his sides had acted up and he'd struck against the roof rolling over towards the middle of it because of the pain being too much to bare with two extra arms jutting out on each side.

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